As co-chair of the firm’s Cyberliability and Data Breach Practice Group, Paul Zimmerman assists the firm’s clients, both before and during litigation, to cost effectively prevail in this ever changing and increasingly taxing aspect of today’s business environment. Mr. Zimmerman has advised companies in health care, insurance, financial services, marketing, and construction, on data security and privacy, data breach, and related litigation. He formerly maintained his own law practice in Shelby County, and was formerly a paramedic who assisted in teaching paramedic students for nearly ten years.

Mr. Zimmerman has tried cases in both rural and populated counties in Alabama, including trials lasting up to three weeks and involving as many as 35 witnesses. These trials include wrongful death, computer software, trade secrets, covenants not to compete, product liability, and various personal injury cases. One trial, lasting two weeks and involving nuisance claims against a hog farm, was (at the time) the longest civil trial ever in Pickens County, Alabama.

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